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Watch a Video

Diving Deeper

Take a closer look at some of the current and past exhibitions with the Diving Deeper series on the WFMA Youtube.


Explore the Exhibitions


Curator’s Clues

Behind the scenes at the WFMA with curator Danny Bills.

Looking at Art

Visual Literacy is the process of reading images to understand meaning from them. Follow along in a step by step process developed by Edmund Burke Feldman to offer helpful tips on approaching and reading art!

Create Art at Home


Sense of Place Activities

Let’s draw with volunteer art educator Mary Helen Maskill! You’ll need crayons, markers or color pencils and white paper of any kind.


Online Weekend Workshop

Bring the WFMA Weekend Workshop home with these introductions to art media. In the tradition of maker spaces, learn the basics of a new medium and then make it your own.

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