Central to what we do is to create a sense of community and place by celebrating positive long-lasting relationships through art.

The WFMA’s work continues to enrich MSU Texas and the Texoma community through public events, workshops, lectures, and scholarly research. Every contribution, no matter the size, helps us to create tangible and meaningful experiences.

By giving, your generous gift goes directly towards supporting changing exhibitions and creative arts programming, ensuring that we can continue providing a space for people to come together, learn, and be inspired.


Your generosity allows audiences to...



Collaboration with MSU academic departments, WFISD programs, and area mental health practitioners integrates visual literacy with interdisciplinary learning. At MSU, Museum assignments teach students to slow down and truly examine and interpret a world outside of themselves.

The 2021 fall semester brought over 200 MSU students to the Museum. Students said they learned details matter, developed a new perspective, connected with their emotions, saw meaning below the surface, and experienced belonging.


Experiencing art in person encourages audiences to foster lifelong relationships with the visual arts. Studies say enjoyment of the arts provides much-needed stress relief. Museum exhibitions and programs allow participants to experience the wonders of visual art and to participate and contribute.

As we look ahead, we aspire to bring exhibitions with national scope as well as organize an artist’s solo exhibition and continue to celebrate the WFMA Permanent Collection.


Designed and led by local artists, On the Wall art-making workshops use a exciting combination of art historical instruction and hands-on activity to foster a deep connection with artworks on view or in the Permanent Collection.

Additionally, WFMA Community Projects, including MSU study nights, engage a specific community group in a creative activity that is relevant to participants outside of the museum and brings the group into the museum around this relevance.

MSU nursing students use visual literacy to develop trust in teamwork, empathy, and observation skills.

National studies show people of all ages visit museum to create memories and have fun!

Students and community members engage with the WFMA during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Welcome back to dancing at the Priddy Pavilion during the Live at the Lake concert series!

MSU non-traditional students build community with each other during study nights at the WFMA, where children are welcome!

Café con Leche college-bound high school students work with the museum's curator to organize an exhibition opening March 5, 2022.


These are just some examples of the difference WFMA donors make. Individual gifts, added to support from MSU Texas and the Museum Trust Fund, help sustain WFMA programs and exhibitions that instill empathy, trust, and confidence.

We thank you for supporting the visual arts at the Wichita Falls Museum of Art at MSU Texas!