On the Wall Workshops

On the Wall Workshops invites you to explore art media and be inspired by life and by artworks on view at the WFMA. Get to know art through hands-on experience!

Hands in Art Videos

Bring the WFMA into your home with these Hands in Art videos. Find art-making activities inspired by exhibitions as well as introductions to various art media to explore on your own.

Understanding art mediums helps you relate to artists and their artworks in the museum’s galleries and builds skills for personal self expression. Make art part of your week!




Community Projects

Through hands-on art-experience, the WFMA fosters personal connections with art, the museum, and the community. The WFMA Community Projects engage a specific community group in a creative activity that is relevant to participants where they are and brings the group into the museum around this relevance. These projects seek to build a sense of belonging and strengthen connections between the museum and the diverse community of Wichita Falls.

  • Tuesday - Friday

    10:00AM - 5:00PM


    1:00PM - 5:00PM
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