The Advisory Board is a valuable resource for the WFMA. Members of the Museum Advisory Board provide expertise and perspective to benefit the organization and build connections among the museum, university, and community.

The purpose of the Museum Advisory Board is to represent the interests of the community while working with the Museum Director and the MSU Administration to support the mission, programs, influence and funding of the WFMA.

2021-22 Museum Advisory Board Members

  • Lola Pitzer, Chair
  • Greg Merkle, Vice Chair
  • Grace Weaver, MSU Student Liaision
  • Anand Chaturvedula
  • Kristin Edwards
  • Sandi Gant
  • Leah Gose
  • Lysle Huddleston
  • Hannah Macha
  • Lynn Moran
  • Roger Palma
  • Gonzalo Robles
  • Jesse Rogers, Ph.D.
  • Joline Wharton
  • Elizabeth Yarosz-Ash
  • Linda Wilson, Emeritus
  • Alice West, Emeritus
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