Take a closer look at selected artworks from current and past exhibitions at the WFMA. Want to know more about a current exhibition? Learn about an artist and artwork and then see the work in person. Missed an exhibition? Enjoy these short video tours instead.

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Past Exhibitions

Diving Deeper: Finding Your Voice, Café Con Leche Co-Curates #1

Dive Deeper into the exhibition, Finding Your Voice: Café Con Leche Co-Curates. This project represents one year of work by student curators Nathalie Rodrigues, Patricia Odjewuyi, América Benitez, Andrea Granados, Natalie Perez, and Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, Danny Bills. These Co-Curators selected four Latin/Hispanic Texas artists from the Houston area. This video highlights participating artist, Graciela Paz. Enjoy the video and please come and see the exhibit in person!

Diving Deeper: Visions of the West

Dive Deeper into current exhibitions with Tracee Robertson, WFMA Director. This video explores artists associated with the Dallas Nine in the exhibition   Visions of the West.

Diving Deeper: Visions of the West

Dive Deeper into current exhibitions with Tracee Robertson, WFMA Director. This video explores an 1845 print by Thomas Doney of a painting by George Caleb Bingham titled “Jolly Flat Boatman.”

Diving Deeper: Dwelling

Dive Deeper into current exhibitions with Danny Bills, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections. This video explores a print by Patti Warashina, titled “Kiln Yard.”

Diving Deeper: Color in Art, Color in Life

Primary colors have power, and artists often use this power in their works. Listen and watch as curator Danny Bills takes a closer look at a print in the exhibition by Roger Shimomura, recently acquired by the Museum Collector’s Circle. Shimomura’s prints are among the first artworks in the permanent collection by Japanese American artists. This print by Shimomura entwines complex global histories, with a powerful focal point created by color.

Diving Deeper: Color in Art, Color in Life

Have you heard the commercial printing term  Ben Day dot? Listen as WFMA curator Danny Bills talks about the American Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and how and why he purposely used these dots and other commercial printing methods in his art. You can see Lichtenstein’s prints in person in the exhibition  Color in Art, Color in Life, through Jan 30. #MuseumFromHome

Diving Deeper: Let Me Show You This

The art in “Let Me Show You This” inspires us to think about how artists contribute to quality of life for all people through their creative efforts. Daily experiences are shaped by graphic design, music, architecture, art making, and more. The works on view in this exhibition are loaned from personal homes, where they contribute to the most familiar and personal of daily experience

Consider one aspect of the arts in your life. Without it, what would you miss most about it?

Using words or images, we invite you to share your story about what art means to you.   #wfmaartstories

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