Subtractive Color Mixing

Subtractive Color Mixing

Mixing media types such as paint, pastels, colored pencils, and inks is an example of Subtractive Color Mixing. Here are some tips for mixing your favorite colors!

· Most colors can be achieved by mixing the primary colors with black or white.

· Mix darker colors into lighter colors in small amounts at a time. Dark colors can quickly overpower lighter ones.

· Mix opaque (solid) colors into transparent (see-through) colors in small amounts at a time.

· Red + Yellow = Orange

· Red + Blue = Purple

· Yellow + Blue = Green

· Red + Blue + Yellow = Brown

· White + Black = Gray

· Mix in a color’s complement to dull it down.

Can you make a work of art by mixing different colors only using red, blue, yellow, black, and white? Share your work of art in the comments below or with the hashtag #wfmaartstories #wfmamsutexas #wfmaathome