Hands in Art

Exhibition-Inspired Activities

Quilt Journeys

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Get inspired by the patterns in Quilt Journeys and make your own images with only squares and triangles. Activity designed and led by MSU art education student Grace Weaver.

Supplies: ruler, pencil, scissors, glue, scrap paper

Weekend Workshops

Weekend Workshops have been postponed due to continued Covid-19 restrictions. Planning is underway! Please check back for updates, and follow the WFMA on social media.

how to use pastels

From Home

Bring the WFMA Weekend Workshop home with these introduction to art media videos. Understanding how art mediums work helps you relate to artists and their works in the museum’s galleries and builds skills for personal self expression. In the tradition of maker spaces, learn the basics of a new medium and then make it your own. 

Art Camps

Art Camps at the WFMA are a partnership with the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture.

Led by a Lincoln Center Teaching Artist, art camp at the WFMA provides the ability to learn different media and techniques of creating art.

Stay tuned for information about Art Camps of summer 2021.