Visual Voice: Unveiling a New Acquisition to the WFMA Permanent Collection American Dad by Sedrick Huckaby

February 12-May 14, 2022


Visual Voice is a written word program that considers art on view in the galleries from multiple perspectives. Visual Voice lives online as a blog and in the galleries with the artwork, encouraging audiences to learn about an artwork at their own pace and then see it in person, where it can be truly felt.

In observance of Black History Month, the WFMA unveils a new acquisition to the Permanent Collection, a lithograph by artist Sedrick Huckaby, titled American Dad. This piece was purchased last fall by the WFMA Collectors Circle, a group of community members whose financial contributions make possible purchases of art. During Black History Month, we celebrate the depth that Black artists give to the collection, making the museum a year-round place of belonging where all visitors have a chance to see themselves represented.

Surrounding Huckaby’s print are other works from the collection that weave a story around this new acquisition. Romare Bearden is a 20th century artist whose powerful artistic career significantly shapes American art history. Both Bearden and Huckaby choose the people in their lives as their subjects. Ron Adams’ self-portrait in the printmaking studio invites us to consider the relationship between artist and master printmaker, such as when a painter makes a fine art print like American Dad. Last fall at the Museum more than 200 MSU students studied Renee Stout’s piece, Recurring Danballah Dream, demonstrating what happens with art accessioned to the WFMA Permanent Collection – it impacts learning and lives.


Installation photo of American Dad by Sedrick Huckaby.

Dive Deeper into the exhibition, "Visual Voice: Unveiling a New Acquisition to the WFMA Permanent Collection," with Danny Bills, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions. 

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