As the only university museum for Midwestern State University, the WFMA’s extensive online collection database is an indispensable tool in enhancing teaching, learning and research activities. The Online Collection Database increases accessibility, collaboration and it is free, convenient and available anywhere at any time around the world. The museum’s collection represents diverse artistic ideas and offers faculty, researchers, students, and adult learners scholarly content that contributes to academic achievement and keeps learners motivated. The WFMA is continually building a tagging system and developing primary source materials for individual artworks in the collection to aid users in any academic field of study.


How you can use the database in the classroom:

  • The WFMA Collection Database can offer citations for citing sources in research papers and projects.
  • Artworks provide clues into the past and present and can aid teaching in areas like history, science, engineering, art and math.
  • Reliable information sources to support research.
  • Out-of-the-box examples for pedagogical approaches.


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