Is there an entry fee to the museum?

Admission is free to museum exhibitions and many exhibition-related programs, such as lectures or tours. We suggest a donation of $5 per person or family. Museum programs are funded by grants and private donations, so your entry donation makes a difference!

Are programs free?

Often programs are free. If there is a cost, that information will be included with the event details.

Is Live at the Lake free?

Yes, with a suggested donation of $10 per group. Live at the Lake is funded by corporate sponsorships and private donations. If you enjoy this fun concert series on the Priddy Pavilion, please consider making a donation each time you come, and frequent event sponsors with your business!

I work on Saturday; is there another time I can visit?

Yes! We’re open Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 5 pm, and we stay open late on Thursdays until 7 pm.

I walk by the building every day and have wondered what it is?

We love getting this question! The WFMA presents displays of art by professional artists who work in our region, in Texas, and throughout the nation. We also display pieces from a collection of art housed at the museum, by artists from as early as the 1600s! The WFMA collection focuses on works on paper, such as drawings and fine art prints, by American artists. Programs, such as lectures or art-making activities, are designed to help you enjoy exhibitions even more.