WFMA Programs

The WFMA is open to the public. We are carefully complying with State regulations for Covid-19.

We hope to see you at the Museum soon.

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Visual Voice

Black History Month 2021

Explore prints by Black artists in the WFMA Permanent Collection, on view in the galleries through February 20.

Diving Deeper

Take a closer look at some of the current and past exhibitions at the WFMA.

Curator’s Clues

Behind the Scenes at the WFMA with curator Danny Bills.

Installation view, “Words and Pictures: Vernon Fisher,” Wichita Falls Museum of Art at MSU Texas; “The Map,” 2016-2019, vinyl lettering on the wall, 12 x 16 feet.

Director’s Tour

Join the WFMA’s director online to explore the artworks in past and current exhibitions.

how to use pastels

In Person and Online Weekend Workshop

Bring the WFMA Weekend Workshop home with these introductions to art media. In the tradition of maker spaces, learn the basics of a new medium and then make it your own. 

Color Theory Challenge

Learn about color theory and join the challenge to create art using specific color combinations.

Reading Art

Explore a print from the WFMA Permanent Collection by American artist Renee Stout.

elements of art info graphic

Elements and Principles of Art

Learn about the elements and principles of art through the Permanent Collection at the WFMA.

Painting of the WFMA

Sense of Place Activities

Let’s draw with Mary Helen Maskill, WFMA Community Engagement Manager! You’ll need crayons, markers or color pencils and white paper of any kind.