Sense of Place Activities: Feel Closer to the Natural World

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Feel Closer to the Natural World

In all seasons, we want the outdoors. Being outside inspires us to create art in the style of nationally known artist Andy Goldsworthy and get to know the art elements shape, line, color, and texture!

Andy Goldsworthy profile picture

About the artist:
Andy Goldsworthy is a naturalist, meaning all of his art is related to nature. Born in England in 1956, he grew up as a farm laborer. After graduating with an arts degree, he began creating sculpture inspired by the natural world. His art uses twigs, icicles, roots, and rocks, and is made all around the world, from Australia to Scotland to the United States. We most commonly see his art in photographs because most natural elements change with time and photographs preserve the artwork in a certain moment. Learn more and see examples of Goldsworthy’s art at

Sense of Place activity with Mary Helen Maskill:
If you’ve been looking for a way to feel closer to the natural world and to express your feelings by making art, your family will enjoy this activity. Next time you’re out for a walk or even in the backyard, pick up those loose objects (not disturbing nature) that look interesting to you. Kids always find ‘treasures’ to bring home! Now arrange them in a pattern on paper, on the sidewalk, or even in the grass or dirt. By some estimates, 90% of all animal life on our planet is insects, so I decided to create my art like an insect. Notice how the shapes and colors make you think it could be real. Do texture and lines invent a bug you have ever seen? The Insect on the left is Andy Goldsworthy’s, and mine is on the right.

Take a picture of your creation and post it here or tag us at #wfmaartstories. Then come back to see a whole new world of “creepy crawlie art animals”!!

creepy crawlie art animal