Collectors Circle


Membership in the Collectors Circle of the Wichita Falls Museum of Art at MSU Texas not only helps advance the museum’s collecting mission, but also offers opportunities to gain first-hand experience in the world of art collecting, make new friends, and, most importantly, build upon the Museum’s already impressive permanent collection of works on paper by American artists. The annual membership of $300 supports the purchase and care of selected artworks and allows members to participate in the exciting experience of acquiring these works for the Museum’s permanent collection. 
Artworks purchased in this special process become designated as the Collectors Circle Collection. Throughout the year, our director, curator, and partners work to identify works of art that would enhance the collection’s ability to serve the community as a cultural and educational resource. Selections also follow the standards and goals prescribed by the Museum’s Collections Management Policy. The Collectors Circle addresses a primary museum goal of increasing depth and diversity in the collection. 
Once a year, typically in the fall, the Collectors Circle gathers at the museum socially to learn about the artists and their works and how individual pieces contribute to the collection. At this event, Collectors Circle members vote on selections for purchase. Since its beginning in 1967, the museum has amassed an important collection of American art. After the museum merged with MSU in 2005, the Collectors Circle was formed in 2010 to continue the collecting mission and to ensure that no state funds are used to purchase art.  

Over the years, members of the Collectors Circle have contributed significantly, purchasing over 85 artworks. These include pieces by impactful American artists, such as Luis Jimenez, David Bates, Mary McCleary, Donald Sultan, Chuck Close, Helen Altman, Jacqueline Bishop, Jaune Quick-To-See-Smith, Judy Youngblood, Kathy Grove, Carol Wax, Quintin Gonzalez, Benito Huerta, Margo Humphrey, Ron Adams, Scottie Parsons, Andrea Rich, Karsten Creightney, Renee Stout, Miguel Aragon, Bruce Lee Webb, Emmi Whitehorse, Susan Davidoff, Roger Shimomura, Patti Warashina, Alden Mason, Frederick Mershimer, and many others. 

Collectors Circle Logo of the letter C within a circle.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the 2020 Collectors Circle contact the museum at 940-397-8900.